About Company

SINA Tile was opened and operated in the second half of 1995 with a nominal capacity of 4,000,000 m² wall tiles .Aiming at meeting the needs of customers and preparing a full basket of products and by performing several development plans in producing porcelain, floor and decorative tiles with a considerable variety of dimensions, the company increased its production up to 10,000,000 m².

SINA Company has provided the possibility of producing luxurious products with perfect qualities by utilizing the most advanced and up to date machinery and equipment in ceramic industry.

Use of local and foreign high quality raw materials, utilization of several advanced tile and ceramic laboratories, design of new products, research and development(R&D) and contribution and diligence of experienced and specialized experts in ceramic industry have introduced Sina Company as the superior local and foreign producer.

Establishment of a wide range of classic and modern designs derived from nature by utilizing modern printing techniques (digital printer) enables you respected customers to experience a beautiful and desirable environment according to your taste.

As usual, the objective of the great and diligent family of Sina Company is to fulfill the motto "We Change Soil to Gold by Art".